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Vapor E-Cigarettes

The Safer, Cleaner, Affordable Alternative to Smoking Tobacco-Based Cigarettes

The e-cig automatically activates with the slightest puff. Watch the LED light glow as the nicotine liquid is heated into a smooth, thick vapor. Users inhale and exhale the vapor just like cigarette smoke, but without smell, ashes, bad breath and yellow teeth.

E-cigarettes are free of tar, tobacco and carbon monoxide. Most health experts consider vapor e-cigarettes to be a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking, however the Food and Drug Administration is studying side effects of inhaling pure nicotine.

The best part about e-cigs is that you are free to smoke them just about anywhere! Smoke-free bars, restaurants, shopping malls, airports and maybe even your own house now can be smoke-filled zones. Since e-cigs only produce clean water vapor, no second-hand smoke is produced. 

What is a Vapor E-Cigarette?

Vapor e-cigarettes have two parts: a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a vaporizer (cartomizer), also known as a cartomizer or filter. The liquid inside the vaporizer is heated into a thick vapor by the battery.

Each vaporizer contains enough liquid to last almost as long as a full pack of cigarettes or more! The battery stays charged for an entire day of normal use, and it recharges in approximately 15 minutes. 

What is in the Liquid? offers more than 200 flavors including your cigarette brand, premium blends and novelty flavors. Each flavor is customized for the user with your choice of 10 nicotine levels—from light, to extra strong, to even zero nicotine. You also can gradually lower your nicotine level over time. The liquid consists of Propylene Glycol (PG), which is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is mixed with small amounts of nicotine and flavoring. 

Can I quit smoking with a Vapor e-cigarette?’s e-cigarettes are designed as a smoking alternative, not as a device to treat nicotine addiction. Many of our customers have switched exclusively to e-cigs and many experts agree that vapor e-cigs nearly are as good as quitting smoking traditional tobacco-based cigarettes.

How Much Healthier are Vapor E-Cigarettes Than Tobacco?’s liquids contain only ingredients that are shown to be safe for human consumption. Research studies have concluded that the smoke in tobacco smoke contains almost all of the toxic materials found to be harmful—over 4000 toxins. Vaporized liquid e-cigarettes do not contain any of these toxins.

An independent study by Dr. Murray Laugesen showed that, on average, the electronic cigarette contained 8.18ng nitrosamines per 1g of liquid. 8ng in 1g = eight parts per trillion, an extremely tiny amount. By comparison, nicotine gum tested at 2ng, the nicotine patch tested at 8ng and Marlborough cigarettes tested at a staggering 11,190ng. That translates to electronic cigarettes containing 1,200 times LESS of these cancer-causing nitrosamines than tobacco cigarettes and about the same as the FDA-approved nicotine patch.

The nitrosamines found in the liquid used in electronic cigarettes is there because the nicotine is obtained from the tobacco plant and 100% of the nitrosamines cannot be removed although the nicotine is 99.8% pure after the removal process.

Vapor e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is an additive stimulate similar in effect to caffeine and has never been shown to cause cancer. Nicotine is relatively harmless and there have even been studies showing increases to cognitive processes and memory.

Why Does it Have No Smell?

The reason tobacco smoke smells so bad is because it is produced by burning vegetation. Vapor e-cigarettes do not actually burn anything and the vapor cloud that is exhaled disperses almost immediately, leaving no odor in clothing, walls or ceilings.

Can I use St. Louis Vapor e-cigarettes anywhere?

Since they produce no odor or secondhand smoke, in most cases, you can. Some businesses many not allow them in their establishments, so be mindful of the rules before “lighting up.”